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Ile Tudy

The peninsula of Pays-Bigouden.


Ancient fishing village :
Formerly a real island, this former fishing village is located at the entrance of the estuary of the river of Pont-L'Abbé. It is characterized by its largely iodized air and its insularity. To the north, at the limit of Combrit, the water passed freely, forming a lagoon, partially isolating the commune and transiting it into an island. Since 1852 this small piece of land has been connected to the mainland by the Kermor dike. On Tudy Island there are many small fishermen's houses made of stone or painted white. It is customary to see the laundry drying on the threads on Rue de la Poste, Boulevard de l'Océan and Place de la République.
The dune and the beaches :
You will find, on the dune along the large beach, areas for picnicking, a playground for children under 7 years. You can enjoy the shade of the large Lambert cypresses. Located on the South/East side, the beach is sheltered from the prevailing winds. It stretches over 5 km between Île-Tudy and Combrit-Sainte-Marine, and is safe thanks to its gentle slope. Its sand is extremely fine and shiny. In summer the beach has a supervised swimming area.
Sunsets :
From the slipway and all along the shore, you can observe magnificent sunsets on the river of Pont-l'Abbé. The colours and shapes change with the rhythm of water and cloud movements.





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