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Pont l'Abbé

Capital of the Pays Bigouden.


Monuments bearing the traces of a tumultuous history :
As soon as the bridge is crossed, the castle is reflected in the pond. The medieval fortress of the 14th century has preserved its dungeon and cellars. The main building was rebuilt in the 18th century after being burnt down by the Red Bonnets. Their insurrection against new taxes led to reprisals: the bell tower of the church of Lambour was beheaded by order of the Sun King in 1675. In ruins, the building deserves a detour for its flamboyant facade.
An imposing Gothic church :
From the quays, erected with the stones of the old walls, small streets will lead you to the gothic church Notre-Dame des Carmes. It is the only remnant of a convent founded in the 14th century. In the typical chapel of the" mendicant" architecture, you can admire the luminous stained glass windows of the 19th century. Those of the original rose window are set in a large granite lace.
A high place of trade :
Streets and squares are lined with hotels built in the 16th and 17th centuries by local gentlemen. But most of the beautiful residences were built in the 19th century by a bourgeoisie established in the potato trade. This commercial tradition still animates the Thursday market, the most important in Cornouaille, as well as the numerous shops lining the streets.





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