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Bénodet : the 5-star resort


The joys of the beach are multiplied by four in Bénodet !

Whether as a family, with friends or as a couple, there’s a beach to please everyone in Bénodet on the Brittany Riviera. South-facing favourite Trez Beach, intimate Coq Beach with its golden evening light, the beach on Saint-Gilles Point surrounded by the sea, and Letty Beach at the end of the Mer Blanche lagoon. Trez Beach is supervised during the summer with all types of activities on offer, including a kids’ club and rentals of windsurf boards, catamarans and more. Head to the other beaches and put down your beach towel wherever you please: let the wind, the time of day and your mood guide you.


Starting at Anse de Penfoul inlet along the Odet River, stroll along a lovely path through woods, then cross the marina and the old port before finishing at the Atlantic Ocean. This walk, the “Cliff Circle Trail”, is accessible to everyone and passes by Bénodet’s 4 beaches. Walking along the wooden walkways with your eyes fixed on the sea, you’ll be amazed at the different landscapes laid out before you! After passing the banks of the Odet and the beachfront villas, you’ll arrive at Saint Gilles Point with its stunning view of Bénodet Bay and the Glénan Islands. Continue your hike and leave the boardwalk vibes behind for an adventure immersed in nature. Discover the wild side of Bénodet at Letty and the White Sea. This natural site is a true inland sea dependent on the tides with an amazing natural show guaranteed.


Want to know more about the “Cliff Circle Trail” in Bénodet? Read this article about the hike on the blog Ma Cornouaille (in French). What about cycling? No worries, part of the trail is equipped for bikes. The two routes are indicated on the free town map. There are plenty of walking and hiking trails in the region, including the GR34 long-distance footpath. Discover other paths in and around Bénodet with the guide for sale at the Tourist Office, featuring 250 km of trails in the 7 towns of the Brittany Riviera (Bénodet, Fouesnant-Les Glénan, Forêt-Fouesnant-Port La Forêt, Gouesnac’h, Clohars-Fouesnant, Pleuven, Saint Ervarzec).





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