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Why will you love the Glénan?


Fine white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, azure blue skies... Imagine yourself lying on your towel with your toes fanned out, lulled by the gentle lapping of the water! Embark on a cruise to the Glénan Islands! The Glénan archipelago located off the coast of Concarneau is the must-see getaway for your holidays in Brittany. You go there with family or friends for a day to enjoy the white sandy beach and swim in crystal clear water. The Tourist Office helps you to choose your shipping company and advises you to make this day a dream day.


This small Breton paradise located off the coast of Trévignon is a Natura 2000 listed nature reserve with nine main islands and numerous islets. The largest of the islands in the archipelago (3km² in surface area) is called Saint-Nicolas Island and it is on this very island that you will make a stopover. As you may have understood, there are no hotels or shops here, you will find two restaurants and nature as far as the eye can see. A dream destination for lovers of the great outdoors, people come here mainly to enjoy the beaches, swimming, but not only that...





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